Turquoise Sphere Hoop Earrings



Material: 925 Sterling Silver and Turquoise

Hoop diameter: 16mm

Sphere size: 6 mm

Enhance your appearance and complete your outfit with our Turquoise Sphere Hoop Earrings. This jewellery brings balance and structure to your face, resulting in more heads turning to admire your features. The hoops are 16mm in diameter, each with a Sphere size of 6 mm, ensuring zero discomfort as they dangle seamlessly on your ear. Silver is a symbol of royalty, and the Turquoise Sphere Hoop Earrings consist primarily of 925 Sterling Silver. In addition to this metal, a Turquoise stone dangles at the end of both silver hoops, combining to make your face bright and stunning to behold. Turquoise stones are commonly associated with healing, protection, and aid, which is a helpful minder to take into any occasion. 

Turquoise stones are beleived to offer protection, healing and aid in bringing you inner calm.