Based in Cairns, Australia. Spreading silver jewels all over the world. 💫

River Nomad started as a dream project of two friends not so long ago, back in 2020. Originally from riverside towns, we started travelling in our early 20's, and while travelling, we became divers. The love for the ocean was unavoidable. Spending most of our time outdoors, we got to discover that nature makes us deeply happy. We find peace and magic in every inch of it. 

By now, you may guess why we named our brand "River Nomad". We are just two passionate travellers who love wandering around collecting treasures that remind us of the places we've been, the souls we've met. From our perspective, jewellery is a beautiful way to bring memories with you, each piece tells the story of who you are.

We hope you find here your treasures, just as a gift to yourself or to the people you love, a piece that makes you smile every time you watch it. Take them with you on your adventures, swim, hike or sit quietly and watch a sunset. 

That's enough of "we", what about you? If you're reading this till the end, I think we (you and us) have something in common. ❤

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime to hello@rivernomad.com.au or follow us on Instagram, or both… Our lovely team will be more than happy to help you. 

See you around :)

The River Nomad Team